14 diciembre 2015

X-mas tree brownies

Esto de la expatriación en EEUU es un poco como la toxoplasmosis cuando estás embarazada y te dicen que no la has pasado. El jamón y demás derivados de la bellota ni probarlos. En realidad es como la toxoplasmosis pero en mejor. Lo primero porque no hace falta pasar por un parto para liberarse y lo segundo y mejor, porque aquí el padre también sufre. Y ya se sabe, las putadas contrariedades compartidas se llevan mejor.

Being an Spaniard in the US is a little like toxoplasmosis when you're pregnant. No cured meats, only fully cooked stuff. One of the best foods in the world is Spnish Jamón de Bellota. If you have never tried it you are really missing something amazing. Forget about prosciutto, nothing to do with it. You must try it and you will be converted forever. The thing about it is that you are not allowed to eat it while pregnant if you have not been naturally immunized against a desease called toxoplasmosis which is totally benigne except if you catch it while pregnant because it can be dangerous for the fetus. For Spaniard pregnant women this can be a challenge. Not being able to eat this delicacy for 9 months can be hard. Especially if everybody around you is enjoying it. This product cannot be brought into the US so it's been 6 months now that I have not eaten it. And it reminds me about my two pregnancies and toxoplasmosis. The good side of this way of deprivation is that, in this case, the end of it does not involve going into labor, and the best of all, the father gets to suffer too.

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05 diciembre 2015


Es muy importante conocer las propios limitaciones. Porque se evita uno situaciones en las que por-más-que-quiero-no-puedo. Por ejemplo, conocer los limitaciones, como la que tiene el espacio-tiempo de no poderse revertir nos evitaría ser testigos de  la crisis de los 40 que sufren muchas personas que de pronto empiezan a actuar como si estuvieran descumpliendo años en relación directamente proporcional a la velocidad a la que pierden pelo.

Self awareness of one's own limits is very important. So you will not keep on insisting on situations that are impossible for you to accomplish. A good example is to understand the limits of space-time. Space-time cannot be reversed so people turning 40 who start acting as if they were getting younger every year just don't get it.

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